On having a side hustle

You know what’s weird? Having a side hustle.

For about two years, I researched having a way to make money by doing what I love–writing.

I created two business plans before I realized I didn’t need another plan, I needed to just fucking do it!

So, I did and published my first novelette on Amazon. I started a book blog and am making friends with other indie authors and publishers. I’m currently learning how to navigate the murky waters of Smashwords. I learned the basics of Facebook ads, Google ad words, and HTML. Wix.com became my friend. This year’s plan is: write, edit, release, market and repeat.

And so on.

Just now, out of sheer habit I typed “being your own boss” into my favorite search engine. As I read the results, I realized that I’m already my own fucking boss! I paused. When did that happen?! At some point, I became responsible for taxes, production schedules, creating spreadsheets to figure out how much income vs spending was happening in a year, understanding the business of self-publishing and marketing.

I have a schedule and if I don’t stick to it, money won’t come in.

I’m responsible for EVERYTHING, from start to finish.

I sat in awe and then another realization crept up on me: I love it.

Everything about it.

The stress, the uncertainty, the endless drive to do better.

It gets me off, man.

And having a full time day job working for someone else helps me be a better boss. I work directly under the head honcho, so I get to see how things are run from a bird’s eye view. I also get to see how he handles things and how NOT to handle things.

I’m extremely grateful for my job.

Having a full time writing job while continuing to build a writing career from the ground up means I can learn during the day, write during my spare time and continue to live in an expensive but totally awesome city and drive a nice car. It means I can take my time and learn what to do and what not to do.

So I get to be the boss without the epic stress of keeping my lights on.

Sounds like a win win to me!

One of these days I’m going to write a post (or start a sister blog) to help other inspiring authors out there understand that their writing as a side hustle doesn’t happen over night. It takes time (I’ve been at it since 2011) and if you’re anything like me, it’ll just creep up on you before you realize what it really is–a business!

Do you have a hustle? 

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Fret not, folks, I’m back.

Please pardon my dust as I change some stuff around. 2013 is a new year (although it’s almost over…eh…details), and I want a fresh look. More on that later!

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