Flare Flare Flare

That’s all I seem to talk about these days!

Ok, that’s not true. I’m being dramatic. I’ve actually had a good week and was able to enjoy two weekends back to back. Which is awesome!

But today, I’m feeling really run down. I did a lot yesterday at work and at home, so despite leaving at 4:30 I think I’ve pushed myself into another flareup.


My hands and feet joints are swelling, I feel very run down and panicky. When that panic feeling hits, I know that I’m about to flare up. Also, I woke up with a tension headache this morning. I could feel the tension in my shoulder all the way up the back of my ear.

So what’s a girl to do? 

I’m going to just wing it here at work today, and take it easy on myself. I’m slowly but surely learning that there’s nothing I can do when I’m flaring and pushing myself won’t help. I have a to do list and I’m trying to focus on getting that done.

When I get home, I’m going to head straight to bed. My daughter will just have to hang out with Mommy in bed tonight! My toolbox consists of Tylenol, SalonPas patches, and a comfortable king sized bed. 🙂


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