The Plan

Self Improvement Wish List

I’m a list maker. I love lists. They let me know what needs to be done in a no-nonsense fashion. This of course meant I would need to make a list for my self-improvement plan. Over however long it takes, I would like:

  1. To get out of credit card debt. Yeah. I’m so over credit cards. We (boyfriend and I) acquired about  debt moving from Iowa to California to pursue our artistic callings. Smart plan? I don’t know yet. Expensive as hell? Absolutely. And my own personal credit card is almost maxed out. I am far too cheap to want to pay anything back, let alone with interest. I would like to pay off these cards, and then put them in a secret place where they only come out to breathe during spring cleaning and emergencies.On another note: My father (and my most trusted financial advisor) once told me that student loan debt was some of the best debt you can have if you pay it on time. That advice stuck with me. Yes, it will be a pain to pay it off. But it was a personal investment in myself. All you other 20-somethings out there with this type of debt? Have no fear. As long as you’re making your payments on time, you are showing the creditors you are reliable.
  1. To lose weight. Being overweight is not only unhealthy, it is EXPENSIVE. Since I’ve gained weight, I’ve had to shut down 90 % of my wardrobe because I can’t fit it. And I don’t have the money to buy a new wardrobe. Oh, and let’s not get started on all the money I throw away on bon-bons, Snicker bars and Ho-hos. My eating out has gotten out of control. Imagine how much faster I could pay off my credit cards by actually cutting back on eating out. Let’s not forget that I’m not making enough income anymore to support my fat habit.
  1. To work on my Spiritual well-being. I am not religious. At all. I won’t burst into flames if you throw holy water on me, but my local hang out spots do not include mosques, temples, or churches. I would just like to meditate and self-reflect more. I think sometimes I get into a want, want, want mode of mind instead of appreciating and being grateful for what I do have. I would also like to volunteer and help others.
  1. To finish my book. It’s a small book for young adults and it’s currently 35,000 words long. I’d like to finish it and self-publish it. I honestly don’t have big plans for it, but it would be nice to see it on my bookshelf all done.


There. That’s it. Not too bad, right? Actually, that’s a boat load of self-improvement. Most people pick one goal (i.e. fitness) and work on that for years. Here I have four. What can I say? As a large chested gal, I’m a firm (pun intended) believer in the idea: GO BIG OR GO HOME. My boyfriend and the state of Texas would be proud.

Anyway, I think if I tackle small goals within these goals I can start writing them off my list. This of course goes against every self-improvement article I’ve read. What you’re supposed to do is focus on one goal and give it your all. The thought behind this is if you stretch yourself too thin you will probably fail.

That may be so. But those four things are screaming for attention right now. I’m not trying to be perfect. I am just trying to start sending a little energy to each of those areas. Nothing big. If you in the audience find me starting to become OCD and over the top about working to those goals, feel free to send me a virtual slap upside the head.

Oh, by the way: Do you have any self-improvement goals? What are you strategies?